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Things 5 was one area of 23 Things that I actually felt a little comfortable as I I had been a Google Reader for a few years and recently had already switched over to Feedly although I did not know my around it very much.  Already I have learned some new tricks, like bookmarking, but I have not organized them yet.  Just as I have 4 Google mail accounts (personal, business, school, and 23 things), so far I prefer to keep my Feedlies separate which perhaps has to do with that overwhelming feeling that I like to avoid.

Nonetheless, I connected to the 10 blogs with relative ease although I did not categorize them.  I have scanned and browsed all of them now.  Interestingly of the 15 blogs which I bookmarked, 8 of the ten authors were represented.  Two were on iPads from Langwitches blog,  for example, as this phenomenon began in our school last year , and I have 3 that I lend out from my library. Three entries are from Joyce Valenza, the Philadelphia area librarian guru, whom I had the privilege of hearing several years ago at her school.  In one she recounts her successful effort creating two poetry slams this past school year ( .

Lastly, I found myself bookmarking a fair number of what I would term personal blogs on coffee, protest songs (I was a child of the Sixties, and attitude control.  Then I also noted somewhat opinion essays on providing digital content worldwide, choices, college myths, and other varietals.  In sum, all the above represents my ecletic approach to most anything.


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